At age 13, I had to decide what subjects I wanted to take on at GCSE level. I therefore had to consider what A-Levels I wanted to take and in order to do that, I had to look at what degree I wanted to study at university- if I wanted to go to university at all. I struggled to choose the subjects I was going to drop-. 'Which of them would lead to a career I'd enjoy in the future? Which degrees were a possibility? Had I limited my options severely?'- these were the questions that I struggled to answer. And I wasn't the only one. I was surrounded by people in the same situation; intimidated by those who had already fixed their heart on a career path, we felt as though we were deciding our futures without sufficient information.

Challenges I ran into

Currently I own a chrome-book which limits what I can do with the code developing for the website. For the sign up/log in function I originally wanted to use Python (this is the language I studied for GCSE) with Flask. However, I wasn't possible to install python on the chrome-book in the first place so I used the UserApp plugin. Also, HTML5 is new to me and so developing the front end was a slower process than what it could have been. However, I feel as though I've learnt a lot of new skills and I am more confident with using HTML5 now.

What I learned

I learned that developing code for a project will always be a relatively slow process- only as you want the best for your project. However, patience and an open mind to trying new things (when original plans fail) is important.

Also; I learnt that I shouldn't be afraid to get started and actually make something of the idea/s in my mind.

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