Our inspiration comes from our experience when we are finding jobs, from our experience job application is not simple and is too complicated because we use more than one platform to follow the company job application process, from registering to interview meetings, all of that is done using a different platform and sometimes it's time consuming when the interview is offline at the company office, this does consume a lot of time and stamina, that's why we propose Occupedia.

What it does

Occupedia does all of that work in a single platform, we help people find jobs easily, apply for it and follow the process that is provided by the companies, with Occupedia we also help companies to save resources and time by using a single platform as Occupedia provided the necessary needs for their job application process such as aptitude test, video chat interview meeting, and live coding video chat interview with submission test.

How we built it

We first identify the painful process of job application, from registering to interview meeting and finally to we make some main user story point from the list that we have, We concluded that we need easy login and registration process as, next we need to make job listing as simple as viewing the detail of the job listing, applying for the job, and creating the job listing for the hiring companies, for the application process we listed the main step of the job application process such as aptitude where the candidate can have a personality test, next Interview meeting using live video chat streaming and chat messaging, and lastly live coding meeting interview session to help companies to test the candidate Algorithm test. After we concluded the necessary list we proceed to build Occupedia on top of ReactJS as the front-end, Laravel as the back-end, and WebRTC Socket server using Node.js for the video chat streaming solution.

Challenges we ran into

The biggest challenge that we ran into was building the foundation of the video chat meeting, as it needs to have a connection between the front-end and the socket-server by applying WebRTC socket to have a live video chat stream and the biggest challenge is the limited time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of our accomplishment where we can build a platform for simplifying the job application process in 36 hours even thous it is not a perfect platform, especially the meeting interview where we can accomplish video chat meetings with live coding.

What we learned

Applying new technology like WebRTC socket to apply for the video chat live stream was the tech that push us to finish Occupedia and tried to combine it with job application platform, we also learn that in hackathon time is everything when building project like Occupedia, because the time is limited we need to be fast enough to complete our requirements.

What's next for Occupedia

In occupedia we hope that it can help people more than simplifying their job application by having certificate through courses to help people grow more with the modern industry knowledge and be more recognized by the hiring companies, next this is API integration where the company also can access their data through our open API, next we might want to collaborate with Gallup to improve our aptitude test, lastly, CV maker to help people pass more company cv screening test.

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