Often times, we spend a lot of time looking for open conference rooms in large buildings. We wanted to find a way to make it easy to know which rooms are vacant, thus saving us a lot of valuable time.

What it does

Raspberry pi detects person in the room using openCV and sends a post request to our website that updates the occupancy of the room.

How we built it

Node/Express.js for the website. Tried using raspberry pi with camera module however raspberry pi zero couldn't load software properly due to inferior hardware. We resorted to used our computer webcams. We used postman to test our REST endpoints.

Challenges we ran into

Installing the necessary libraries onto the Raspberry PI. Since we had a Raspberry pi zero, the installation times were enormous thus hampering our productivity. However we fully completed the website aspect of this project and simulated the raspberry pi security camera with a webcam.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Fully functioning website using Node/Express/Handlebars that can accept post request.

What we learned

Learned about Raspberry PI and how it can be used. Some of the technologies we used were Node/Express.js, openCV, Handlebars python etc.

What's next for Occu-Pi

Implement in multi conference rooms.

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