We are off-campus students who come to college taking occt every single day. Early morning classes are always trouble. Getting up early in the morning, catching the right bus at the right bus is always chaos. Thus we wanted to work on it so that we could make students start their day peacefully without much struggle.

What it does

Our project deals with the most taken route. Removing the least used stops during peak times and providing a new route where it can serve all most all the students waiting to be served at that time.

How I built it

We built It using Jupyter notebook, python, pandas, matplotlib

Challenges I ran into

The misleading data set.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We were able to provide a route which we would be happy if it really exists when thinking as a student.

What I learned

How the analysis of data helps in providing business values. What we assume in real time doesn't reflect the same when the proper analysis is made. "DATA TELLS A DIFFERENT STORY"

What's next for OCCT Analysis

Reducing the number of bus services during non peak hours so that we could improve the cost efficiency.

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