Kids with autistism are our inspiration. In the past we have worked with kids with autism and cerebral palsy. We noticed while the kids are differently talented and full of life, they are not understood by us. This poses a big challenge to:

  1. human caretakers, parents and teachers who have have difficult time understanding the needs of the autistic kids. They are always expending tremendous energy on anticipating and preventing meltdowns.
  2. autistic kids inability to express themselves. Often there is a disconnect between how they feel and how they express. This above two problems we tried to address in this hack.

Target users: caregivers of kids with autism, research community working to help them

Features we are proud of:

  1. Way of detecting and recording physiological signs of stress and excitement by automatic measurement of wearable.
  2. A way to notify the caregiver in a way the energy expended by them is reduced in constantly monitoring and guessing about when an episode will happen.
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