Story: Our story begins at the hardware desk. We were offered a Myo, a Leap Motion and an Oculus VR. We didn't know how to use any of them, but MIT freshmen are taught never to say no to hardware. So we took it, and started learning the SDKs (and Unity, and C#) . Eventually, we realised it would be cool to combine all of them into one massive rhythm experience. We were all fond of psychedelic horror and German music (particularly Rammstein), so that fell in as well. And so, Occam's Raver was born.


You enter a universe which dances around you and plays different beats as you shake your head in different ways. The myo on your arm detects arm movements to trigger more music. The myo on th left arm allows you to record your own beats and sounds and put them in the experience. The leap motion triggers a special mode. No more will be said.

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