Self Driving Car! We are fascinated by self driving cars and wanted to build a simple one.

What it does

It detects object using a ultra-sonic sensor and moves itself to avoid them.

How we built it

We spent a lot of time at the invention studio to understand and learn how to use their tools. We built a car model out of wood at the Wood Studio (creating some pretty sweet custom tires).

Challenges we ran into

We didn't have the bridge microcontroller pins that would allow us to move our motors in different directions. So we had to find another bridge pin and install that onto our car.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We built a car! It moves and detects objects. We also 3D printed and wood crafted some cool hardware.

What we learned

We had no idea how to use the tools at the invention studio. We learnt a lot about 3D printing, wood crafting, laser cutting, arduino wiring, and sending data from/to raspberry pi via bluetooth!

What's next for Obstacle Avoidance Tesla

We want to build on top of this. Putting a camera on it and using machine learning to identity people and other objects will allow the car to be smarter.

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