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Obsidion is latin for investment. 78% of the north american population live paycheck to paycheck and have very poor money management skills. We wanted to create a tool for the average joe that will enable them to be in control of their finances and be able to achieve financial freedom.

What it does

The app can track all kinds of finance related stuff ranging from transaction, expenses, income, investments, credit history etc. The app will be able to sync all that data from the user's bank. It also has a feature that uses machine learning to track spending habits of the user and prompts them necessary money management tips. There's also a section called 'Did you know' which includes fundamental finance information regarding many things that the user might have not known. This will help the user be more familiar with the commonly used terms and money management rules

How We built it

For the back-end, We first created a REST API using express and mongoDb. For the mobile app, we used react native and some other packages such as bootstrap etc. We also created a web api using python and flask that uses machine learning (linear regression, logistic regression and decision tree) to display current and future visual representations of their spending habits. For the did you know section, we used Uipath to webscrape information regarding finance fundamentals.

Challenges We ran into

One of the biggest challenge was coming to a mutual agreement regarding the project idea. After brainstorming for a few hours and wasting some time, we finally decided to pursue this project. Setting up the rest API was a bit of a challenge since we had to make sure the user data is secure and the login and authentication routes are protected. It also a challenge to make the schema of the database the same as the input data from the app. Furthermore, a problem that arose when we were uploading our machine learning web api to heroku was that the slug size was too large. We had to curve around this problem by rearranging the entire program to use less storage-intensive modules.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We're happy that we could collaborate and put together an app that is fully functional in less than a day. Considering that we wasted a bunch of time at the beginning, we feel like we did a good job by somehow managing to get both the front end and the back end up and running. We're also glad that we actually implemented 90% of the features which we originally planned for. This project taught us alot about project management and efficiency.

What we learned

We learned a lot of fascinating things during this hackathon. One thing we learned was how to use json webtokens to protect the routes so that the user cannot get access to the information without logging in, and also how to learned to use the bcrypt package to hash the passwords. We also learned how to use a machine learning web api to send and recieve information (such as graphs) from various front ends.

What's next for Obsidion

We hope to partner with all the major banks so that we can personalize the user experience of the app further. We also plan on using a freemium model for obsidion. So the basic functionality of the app will be free but there will be subscription model for users who would like to have the premium services such as analytics of spending habits, money management tips etc. The main source of revenue will be advertisements on the free version of the app.

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