AutoCAD and Fusion 360 models are difficult to interact with. Currently, the only method of seeing your creation and through actually building it. We wanted to see and interaction with our creations digitally, without the need to physically create them.

What it does

Renders AutoCAD 3D Objects in real time. After creating a .ojb file, you can import it into unity, and then interact with the object.

How we built it

Unity Unity3d and the Oculus API.

Challenges we ran into

Converting .ojb files into Unity an then using keyboard functions to change its positioning, rotation, scale, etc.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The larger-than-life level of interactivity you can achieve in our platform. We can make things really big!

What we learned

The process from digital file to physical creation is very complex, and inflexible.

Built With

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