I found Airtable to be an amazing avenue for sharing information in a collaborative way. While looking through the Airtable's block inspiration base, the idea of an Activity Viewer stood out because having a bird's eye view of all change events is crucial in a place where multiple people can work on and modify existing information.

What it does

Improve team collaboration by providing a single cohesive view of all changes performed across an entire Airtable base in a simple and easy to use interface.

How I built it

As with many good software, we went with the user experience first. How we wanted the block to look like and how a user would interact with it. From the beginning we already knew we wanted something that would be easy to use and would just work without any initial setup. After we've had the vision in mind, we started fitting the code to this vision.

Challenges I ran into

There were many trial and errors. While the tutorial and block examples were helpful, there weren't any existing example that closely resemble change event tracking. Luckily, the block API documentation was thorough and complete.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Being able to utilize many of the existing API to make this work.

What's next for Observer

While most the core functionality of Observer is completed. We still have work to do in order for a production release. These include optimizing memory usage, addressing any stability issues through thorough testing, supporting event tracking on some usage including Kanban drag-and-drop. After the initial launch, we plan to have a roadmap to include additional features mainly on monitoring, alerts and custom actions on individual events.

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