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There are billions of dollar being gambled on sport&Esport events every year. Yet people can hardly find a fair, decentralised and customized betting place for events they would like to bet. Result of sport events are exposed to everyone; rather than creating an oracle network when only whitelisted operator can run, OBP allows everyone to be a bettor, refereee, event operator, as well as a court member for keeping OBP as a fair place!

What it does

Allow anyone to bet on literally anything under the interaction of Operator & Referee & Court. Please kindly refer to the github link for detailed mechanism.

How we built it

Primary back-end solidity code that has quick iteration on local env. Once the codes is verified by test cases I pushed it to Kovan testnet.

Challenges we ran into

Since I work solo the challenge is finding time in weekends.....

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Really built out what I designed with reference to some design patterns used in Uniswap & projects that uses Proxy that runs on mainnet.

What we learned

Major solidity coding experience, including dev environment setup esp with ScaffoldETH. SDLC on local network as well as Kovan and verification stuff. Truly a fruitful month for me on blockchain development. I also chatted with a few potential team members who are interested in contributing to the project beyond the timeframe of this hackathon.

What's next for OBP

Tokenomics, as well as some voting enhancement on the court and more team members!

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