The idea is to create easy-to-remember and human-readable names for your Oasis address (Emerald Paratime), like 'Alex.ons' instead of '0xf39...2296'.

What it does

You can transfer or exchange assets by simply enter the registered domain name instead of long and unreadable address. Your domain will be your username on on Emerald ParaTime.

How we built it

We build it using with help of smart contracts, each domain is an NFT, which allows you to transfer your domain easily where you want or list it for sale. You can own as many domains as you want. It is also safe, so there is no duplicate names or any admin control. The name owner has all rights.

What's next for Oasis Name Service

We are currently working on our Node Package, which allows the project on oasis emerald para time to use easily ONS system on their project. Also, we are working on the Web3 profile and trying to build a full web3 tool system which include, staking system, Swap system, assets management, NFT management, TXs history, Quests, reward system and much more.

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