Problem: What is the problem you are addressing, why is it significant? Due to Covid-19 and the increasing stress on adults and children across the world, more and more people are falling victim to mental health depression. As a result, more and more people are unhappy and unsatisfied with life which leads to serious issues. Entering highschool, we saw that many of our peers, including ourselves, had gotten more anxious when talking to classmates due to the isolation of the pandemic.

Solution: What is the idea of your project, how original is the solution? Our idea is to implement an ingenious website called Oasis which assesses the mental health of the individual with several different products integrated. Using OpenCv, we made a smile detector that encourages users to smile more, improving their overall day. We also used Opencv to encourage individuals in a computer setting to stop touching their face through a ringing sound. Using a Machine Learning model, we also predicted the rise in future depression rates to raise caution to individuals and raise awareness. In addition to these solutions, we also have a mental health survey which utilizes a variety of factors in depression to figure out what type of help the person needs. In conclusion, the increase in the dependency of technology has impacted millions of children. With more and more children being stuck to their screen, there is a significant decrease in social interaction and an increase in depression. As a result, our website will reach out to the younger generation and help them achieve a happier mood or a better outlook on life.

Implementation: How well done is the implementation? Is the design easy to use, clean, and bug free? We implemented a website to allow users to sift through the sites easily, and easy to digest. We made the website as 'modern' as possible to make it easy to read and understand, with clear contrasting colors, and free of bugs.

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