• Pollution
  • Environmental Awareness

What it does

Our goal was to build an application that would allow users to track the pollution they create doing ordinary activities in life. Our main focus was to make sure that all the data the user inputs is converted into something more approachable, such as a chart or visualization, so that user can be aware of how they could take responsibility to help save the environment. The application generates suggestions based on the data it receives so that the user can easily know what they could improve on. We also plan on implementing a reward system in order to keep users engaged and motivated. The reward system will be a tree that either grows or shrinks depending on the changes in the users daily activities and possibly include obtaining points for the number of "fully grown" trees the users aquires

How we built it

The backend is built in node, using a firebase database to store the users account (registration wasn't implemented) and their data. The main page of the application is the reward system. Clicking on the button on the top right corner toggles input fields which is where the user can enter their data. use firebase database to create account for each user and data storage. The main page of the website is the reward system, a tree which will grow up based on the green activities users have done. As we click the button on the right up corner, user could put the daily data in like how many bottles they recycle. Then convert daily activities into carbon emission based on the pollution rate for categories like electricity, water and etc. Visualize data for users to easily interpret. Offer incentives for user to enter their data. We do a prediction on the past data so we could see a trend of it. If the trend of pollution is increasing, then we advice users based on the most related pollution factor.

Challenges we ran into

  • Retrieving data from the database and passing the data through hbs templates
  • Coming up with ideas to attract users and keep them engaged
  • Building it as a mobile application

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Learning new languages and frameworks
  • Creating something that kinda works

What we learned

  • Backend development (node.js)
  • chart.js
  • firebase
  • vanilla javascript, html and css

What's next for Oasis

Developing a feature that would allow the user to connect the app to a smart device (such as the google home) so that the app can dynamically collect data instead of requiring user input. This would also allow the app to notify the user in real-time of what they could to to protect the environment. For Example: If you leave your lights on at home, the app could notify you and allow you to send a push notification (or something) to turn the lights off.

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