Inspirations: We were inspired by how the LA government has been effectively cooperating with existing popular platforms such as Google and Waze. Therefore, we became determined to utilize the popular music apps to remind people that they can and should reduce the length of taking-a-shower within one song to fight against the severe drought.

How it works: OAS/S(Only A Song per Shower) encourages participants/users to finish their shower within the duration of listening to only ‘A’ song. OAS/S will be integrated into the popular music apps such as Spotify, Pandora, etc. as a new genre of ‘shower’. Spotify will be OAS/S’ first partner as it has a great number of young users who are most technology/app savvy. OAS/S works by recognizing the sound waves of water running from the beginning to the end of a shower session through the microphone of an iPhone, which functions as a technology already existing in apps such as “sound analyzer”.The OAS/S automatically stops the music from the playlist and plays a cheerful and upbeat PSA messages recorded by artists and celebrities supporters, such as “Shower time’s up!” Users cannot repeat the song or move on to another song under the ‘shower’ genre he or she chooses once the five-minute song is finished.

OAS/S consists of a two track marketing plan that aims to help fight against the drought in California. The first part of the plan, which takes place prior to and during the launch of OAS/S, includes recruiting YouTube influencers and music artists in order to raise awareness of the Finish Your Shower Within a Song challenge, i.e. the core of OAS/S mission. The selected pool of celebrities who are involved will either record special versions (5-minute) of their songs exclusively available on the partnering music services, or record fun PSA comments that will run after each song is played. The second part of the plan, which takes place within 30 days after the launch of OAS/S, would challenge the users to take their daily showers using the app in order to enter a sweepstakes contest for the chance to win a (1) Spotify Premium subscription, (2) a shower speaker, (3) or even complimentary tickets to see live performances of the most popular artists ranked in the ‘shower’ playlist.

Challenges I ran into: We didn’t have a technology expert or an app developer in our team, who we thought would be critical in this specific design. However, we had great teammates who have been supportive to each other, as well as mentors who listened to our idea, guided us and encouraged us on the feasibility of our proposal.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of: Creating a fun, challenging, and engaging concept that would help to save an estimate of 5500 gallons of water annually per person and contribute to raising awareness about the water conservation problem in California is an accomplishment that we are particularly proud of.

What I learned: We learned that we can create a synergy when collaborating to come up with creative ideas in order to tackle a difficult issue.

What's next for OAS/S: We would approach the music app services for partnerships, articulate the technology parts, and dive deeper into the marketing plans and execution.

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