Inspirations include King of Thieves, Loyalty Programs, Steam's trading Cards system, and Kahoot!

What it does

OALeague it’s a rewards system for OA Members. Points (Arrowheads) earned through, Event Attendance, OA and Ceremonies Trivia, Fun Crossword and Drum Puzzles. Arrowheads are used on increasing your user rank on the Leaderboard, in order to go to the next Leaderboard Level, and opening Various Card packs related to OA for trading, selling, and collecting. The objective of the App is to increase participation in OA Events and Knowledge of OA ideals through a Web Application and Mobile App for Android and IOS systems.

How I built it

Designed an App from the ground up to a conceptual pitch in less than 24 hours

Challenges I ran into

Dividing workload and receiving survey results that weren't joke answers.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Designing a polished conceptual art to present to the Sharks and the fact that we worked significantly harder on this than the other teams in our Games Section at the hackathon.

What I learned

How difficult it is to design an app from the ground up in just it's conceptual stage alone for a nerve racking pitch. I also learned how lazy other groups can be when unmotivated by themselves.

What's next for OALeague

Next OA Hackathon.

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