Here is our OakHacks Hackathon Project!

Inspiration - CareerGuru was inspired in part by Halp.co. It is a site where users can pay to get professional mentorship and assistance with university and college applications. The problem is that memberships are costly and the “courses” that teach you how to prepare applications that stand out the cost over $100. We did not feel they are feasible for everyone and that all students deserve to have access to free services like this. CareerGuru does just that and more all for free!

What it does - CareerGuru also allows members to join related forums such as business, biotechnology, and engineering in order to interact with peers. It also has a professional development page that allows members to connect with professional mentors via coffee chats and learn more about their potential fields.

How we built it - Using Repl and HTML, CSS and JavaScript

What we learned - These couple of days we all learned a bit more CSS and JavaScript but mostly learned a lot of HTML!

What’s next - If CareerGuru actually launched, we are confident that students would find value in the forums. As the world shifts towards virtual oriented workspaces, students easily find themselves looking to make meaningful connections with professionals through online sites. The forum allows like-minded students to meet and share resources, career development workshops, or just to make a new friend!

Check it out here -----> https://tutoring-website.amoghturaga.repl.co/index.html

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