There were multiple inspirations for this website. One thing that inspired us was that many of people our age don't check their email due to either not caring, forgetting, or having too much clutter in their inbox so they can never find the emails, which can be a problem when it comes to communication, scheduling, and attendance. In my Order of the Arrow chapter, very few people show up to the meetings or events because they don't know when it is or where it is. Another problem is incorrect contact information. In my lodge, we often have incorrect emails and phone numbers so we are not able to contact them. This website will solve that by creating an account linked with your BSA ID so anytime your email or phone number changes, you can automatically update it. We were also inspired due to the clutter of other OA websites such as the national website which has tons of information making it overwhelming. In addition, people get tired of having to refill out their medical form every time so this will save it for them or having to find their membership card to get their BSA ID to register for events.

What it does: This website basically just condenses all of the information into one websites. Depending on the lodge, there can be multiple websites, or even no websites. With this template, each lodge can have an easy to use website, which also contains information for the specific lodge, chapter, section, and even national events. This is, OA-Tech: A Simpler Page.

How we built it: We built our website using google sites. We didn't have superior knowledge in programming so we figured this would be the best way for us to create a website. We started with a homepage and slowly expanded into a more areas such as the lodge page, resources, and contact information.

Challenges we ran into: Some challenges we ran into was working on a sign up and log in function. We were trying to find a way to have a single website that could have separate channels for people depending on their lodge. We also wanted to implement a system where the user is able to update his profile and upload it to OA events for hassle free access of information for events.

Accomplishments that we're proud of: Our biggest overall accomplishment is that we created a fully functioning website in less than 24 hours. For the time that we had and resources we had, the design is great. It's user-friendly, easy to use and understand.

What we learned: Great team working skills, Better design techniques, How to work better with our given resources and time management skills.

What's next for OA-tech Website

The next step is to add the designed log in and account creation portion and the SMS reminder messages. We were unable to complete this feature. Also, another step left is to convert the site from Google Sites to an OA hosted domain for more control and a simpler URL.

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