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O2 is a World's first full stacked Bitcoin API for simple one line code integration in any project. O2 provides a gateway for the Companies and Developers to distribute Bitcoins to their users in terms of an incentive for various case by case related uses. Bitcoin market is very complicated and the technology is still very naive. There isn't any API which deals with providing a gateway with a single line of code and make use of Bitcoins in their Apps. People here at O2 believe that this is revolutionary and possibly a much needed tech.

Our target user is based on the Developer or the Companies using our API. For example we have integrated our API in a Flappy Copter bird hosted by MakesGamesWithUs. As well as in a Recipe App "Evoo" which rewards users after successfully cooking a meal; we also integrated on a Health App which motivates the users to run, walk and keep up with their fitness goals by awarding them Bitcoins after a successful workout.

In addition of the API, we have also developed a web portal and in through an iOS app for admin purposes for the developer. The team after making award winning hacks at various Hackathons wanted to do something challenging and contribute to the Bitcoin community, hence O2 was made at PennApps in 36 hours. It was perhaps one of the most challenging as an idea and technically to implement it. Visit our website

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