Ordinance Navigation Autonomous System (Project Kingfisher) is a bomber ordinance delivery system simulator program designed for military and aeropsace engineering firms for testing and plotting the trajectory of ordinance.


O.N.A.S is designed to assist militaries and aerospace engineering firms in testing and plotting the trajectory of ordinance delivered by bombers and attack aircraft. The program accounts for multiple factors such as air resistance on different ordinances, speed and altitude of the bomber, and blast radius of ordinance. The system implements multiple kinematics concepts in order to calculate each factor. The blast radius of the ordinance is displayed on the grid, showing the effect of the run. A correction feature is used to calculate the bomber velocity needed to hit the target.

Development Risks

The kinematics of the system must be properly planned out in order to accurately model the ordinance's trajectory. All formulas used to calculate angles, magnitude, and range of the ordinance must be properly planned for O.N.A.S to work. The grid diagram must also properly show the ordinance's trajectory by properly scaling the grid based on the bomber's given altitude.

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