Nowadays our world is rushing towards money ;” Money should never become the cornerstone of your life or define you as a person”. Controlling our mind is the most difficult thing. In this era of Covid19, the work from home system and increased usage of online platforms has brought significant rise in mentally stressed people. We found a solution for this problem. The utmost success in our life is to make others happy. In a survey, almost 25 % of the population committed suicides due to mental depression .Saving one life is being in heaven. Moreover, many people lost their jobs and a lot of people owe debts, this adversely affected the mind of peoples, which in turn led to depression. Recent studies, mental-health toll, results showed that there was a 30% increase in depressed people. Besides, there is an increase in depressed students. We emphasize how online platforms can keep a mind calm ,cool and happy. We consider happiness more than Money. Caring for our dear ones, making them happy and giving them confidence counts more in our life. Most of my friends don’t get any happiness from their own family. Two of our seniors from nearby college attempt suicide. This inspired us to form a idea of forming an app which is truly relevant in our current situation. Our new model is a perfect business model too, since we include talks for our future generation, since awareness about basic life needs is very important .So ,here we make a profit as well as well fare. As students are the future, an immediate resolution is necessary. We introduce you, O’ My Mind!!

What it does

Our app provides a social platform , which enables the users to share their thoughts ,mindset to all anonymously which ensures their privacy .Through our app ,users can get help from expert psychologists all-over the world from anywhere. With our real-time video call, we enable the user to interact privately with our experts. In addition to this, our talks page allows the users to attend general talk sessions to all age groups. Apart from this, our query pages aid the users to ask questions and express problems anonymously to get answers from experts. Our AI system filters the answers and removes unwanted answers Our app can make a profit by conducting talks and counselling .Having a great mind is more important than savings. Each talk will be conducted by the most prestigious people .Counselling session will be also conducted by famous motivational speakers.

How we built it

Our team organized a meet via Google Meet and interacted about the idea and gave it a proper structure. From the basic structure, we made the prototype of our application in Figma. This prototype paved the way to bring our app to life. We built the front-end of our app using Flutter.

Challenges we ran into

We faced some difficulty while making the prototype using Figma .Studying ML and AI was difficult. Our team members frequently face internet issues ,but we really cope up with this situation .Our unity really helped to deal with the situation.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

To work as a team and complete projects in this small time. Moreover, opportunity to make a socially relevant app and it's prototype .We form a socially relevant app which is basically a business model .So, simultaneously we can include social relevance and business model as well from our app.

What we learned

We could understand the basics of Flutter and Figma .We also learned the front end and started to learn the basics of node .We tried to learn AI and ML basics .We also had done one project regarding ML through our learning..

What's next for O' My Mind

Formation of app Having Government authorization Widely spreading the awareness

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