Hundreds of thousands of pilgrims perform Hajj with less knowledge of its rituals, and millions of Muslims can't attend Hajj due to special circumstances.

What it does

Virtual Reality experience to educate pilgrims, provide hajj experience for those who can't attend, track and asset them through our website.

How we built it

Backend: Python, Django. Database: PostgreSQL. Game Engine: Unity3D. VR: GoogleVR.

Challenges we ran into

  • Connect the Backend with Unity.
  • Timeline.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Planning the idea and create a good user story.
  • Finish a prototype that shows a complete cycle.

What we learned

  • Connecting python Django API with Unity3D.
  • Manage our time to complete the prototype within the time frame.

What's next for O-035-HajjSimulationVR

  • Complete the MVP.
  • Support more VR Headsets.
  • Make the experience as realistic as possible.
  • Reach most of the hajj agencies, and hotels located in Makka region.
  • Get the governmental approval to make the experience as a verified assessment training to get hajj permission.
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