Today’s fast paced lifestyle has precipitated numerous negativities and sensitive emotions, gradually distanced people from each other. Many of us, instead of opening up ourselves in front of companies, are seeking emotional counselling from music (spotify is playing a huge role in offering various “mood” playlists). Now what if, say we have a music community where our real-time emotion can be distinctively monitored, analyzed and connected to a customized recommendation playlist in response to the emotion? On top of playlist recommendation function, our product enables to detect potential suicidal and extreme activities. If an active user’s records shows continuous low scores, the system will automatically suggest his or her acquitances to re-connect with this user.

What it does

Our product “listen” is a web application that aims at deciphering user emotion based on their song preference and potentially help people through counseling who needs it. The reason why we are doing this is because, the fast paced lifestyle today has precipitated numerous negativities and sensitive emotions, new technologies have gradually distanced people apart. By building a communication and counseling platform via music, we can re-create a smaller world.

How we built it

Django + Bootstrap + PostgreSQL + Python + Heroku

Challenges we ran into

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Design the algorithm to measure individuals sensitivity of emotion.

What we learned

What's next for Listen

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