With the announcement of Amazon Go, we were inspired by its innovative product that allows for easy and quick purchase. It reminds us of the slow, tedious process of purchasing food and other items when we visit the dining halls of NYU.

Thus, we thought of NYU Go, an app designed to make easy and quick purchases with the click of a camera.

What it does

NYU Go initially requires you log in and once you have, it takes you direct access to submit an image or take one of a barcode. Once you have submitted an image, it reads the image and price and asks for you to confirm your purchase. When confirming, the user is taken to a page filled with his/her previous transactions.

How We built it

NYU Go is a web app created and coded with the Flask framework. We styled the app with HTML/CSS/Bootstrap and designed the logo in Photoshop. We also used SQLite for database and storage. Javascript was used to identify the contents of the barcode scanner.

Challenges I ran into

Considering more than half of us were first time hackers, we were struggling initially with how to implement the various programs into the Flask framework. The barcode scanner application had also taken a lot of time as well as the application's database in SQL, which we were completely unfamiliar with.

We also tried hosting our application with Amazon Web Services but unfortunately we weren't able to learn how in time.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of & What I learned

Coming into the hackathon, we had no prior knowledge of SQL, databases, Javascript but luckily we managed to set up a database that can be manipulated and used throughout the application. Our barcode scanner which initially gave us much trouble managed to work in the end.

What's next for NYU Go

Our goals to further improve NYU Go are to improve overall functionality and UI/UX. We want to improve our barcode scanner so that it can scan any type of barcode effectively. We also love to have and develop a database that is able to identify any type of barcode and generate the price of the item.

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