Maura and Joan witnessed first hand how anxious, confused, and frustrated patients felt about their first Behavioral Health appointment. Many were unsure of how to talk to their therapists. Many still believed the old model of “the Doctor knows it all” and the patient is the passive recipient of care. Consequently they often did not tell the therapists what they felt about their care. This caused dissatisfaction and premature departure from treatment. We wanted to teach patients how to be active participants.

How It Works

NYPAppointment is a mobile-first web application that informs, assesses and contextualizes the mental health of patients before their appointment. Our simple security model allows for patients to access the personalized summary generated from the web application without email access. All information is de-identified and encrypted at rest and in-transit.


Designing an empathetic, short and engaging experience was one of the challenges that we ran into. Moreover, ensuring that NYPAppointment is accessible to as many patients as possible required careful consideration to the workflow around and within the web experience.

What's Next

After testing the efficacy of NYPAppointment in the context of behavioural health, we’re looking forward to expanding the tool to other medical specialities. We’re especially excited to develop the functionality required to meaningfully track patient progress and outcomes. We want to integrate with EMRs to shorten the information feedback loop.

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