‘Phuzzle’ Patient Engagement/Patient Entertainment

NYP Oriented Puzzle Mobile Application for ‘when they wait’ for our services

Team Name: “Clinical Systems Avatars”

Inspiration - We represent NYP's Clinical System Support team, have been apart many innovations projects and really wanted to collaborate with members of the community to help deliver a product to that would help propel patient engagement through patient entertainment.

How it works -

Overview: “Phuzzle” is a custom designed NYP – Patient friendly mobile application available for iOS devices and can downloaded for free from the Apple App Store as patients or family members are waiting in any of our sites for services: Patient / Customer satisfier when there is a ‘wait’ time for..i.e. blood draw, ED department, waiting for family member while in surgery,

App Features: The app is totally customized to NYP sites and brand: (1) App logo – NYP ‘Phuzzle’

(2) Main screen – user can select any of our sites and create a jigsaw

(3) Main Screen – buttons to: a) NYP Challenge Mode b) Download the FindNYP app

(4) Second screen – user can select ‘Selfie Phuzzle’ and in one click upload an image and create a ‘selfie-puzzle’

(5) All puzzles, inclusive of selfie can be shared in real time via social media:

*Twitter * Facebook * LinkedIn * WhatsApp * Email * Text Message

(6) Main screen – custom banner rotates on screen with: a) NYP Fun Facts b) Or custom messages with phone number for specific services

(7) Puzzle Selections – user can decide the complexity from 4 to 64 pieces: rotate or not; can assemble puzzle with finger, tap and rotate, get alert when complete, select another site or puzzle

(8) Multiplayer + Chat feature – Patient can decide to interact or ‘play’ against another ‘patient’ or persons using the app…in real/time. Creating an interactive forum for multiple same patients / customers

Challenges I ran into – all of our team members work and live very far from each other, there were also time constraints so it was very difficult to communicate ideas and execute tasks because of the logistics

Accomplishments that I'm proud of – being able to collaborate with members of the NYP family and community to deliver a product we feel will help enhance our patients experience

What I learned – Think big and never give up.

What's next for NYP Phuzzle – Adding more puzzles and an unlockable category, integrating healthcare and educational tools, and analytics to track how players are using the game

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