My name is Erika Gillette and I am a special education and science educator who is also the mother of three boys. While a teacher, I worked with children who were in and out of the hospital.

Many of them found the hospital to be a familiar home away from home. But for those of us who rarely go to the hospital, it can be a confusing place.

I remember the day that my second child Liam went into the hospital at 3 years old to undergo surgery to remove his tonsils and correct his breathing.

In the waiting room children were engaged with their tablets and iPads while their parents waited nervously for their name to be called.

I remember the walk back to the preparation area and the machines around us as I held my son. And they delivered the Anastisia as I watched him being wheeled into surgery.

He woke up after the surgery tied up to makchine not knowing what the beeps were for.

This app provides children with a basic understanding about the medical equipment and body systems in a fun and education way. My sons love playing games where they have to strategize to complete the levels. One of the games in the app, has children use soap to destroy germs around them through a virtual reality simulator using google cardboard.

I would have loved to have this app while I was waiting that day In The waiting room to help explain to my son what was going to happen and what the beeping sounds were for.

I am really proud of what we have created for the children and how it will impact their stay at columbia Presbyterian hospital.

The app is designed for Nexus 5, use Nexus 5 for best user experience. Please follow this link to download and test this app on your smartphone or this link to launch the app directly in your web browser.

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