Chronic illnesses require careful self-management. Emotional support is critical to keeping these patients engaged and ensure that they don't feel scared, confused or alone.

How it works

NYP Candygram is a tool that facilitates care provider communication and increases patient engagement by addressing the emotional needs of patients. It lets the user send someone in need a bundle of emotional support and educational resources.

Challenges I ran into

With a single member team, I had limited resources in developing all planned features.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I hope this tool can be a virtual hug or smile to a patient in need and be able to educate patients in a more receptive way.

What I learned

There is a lot of educational material on healthcare providers sites and on the internet. It is important to figure out how to present the information so that it can have a meaningful impact in changing lifestyle habits.

What's next for NYP Candygram

Refine the prototype and spread the word to get patients and care providers onboard.

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