To access the app, we sent a TestFlight invite to “” to download our “NYP Amazing Journey” iOS app.


It's never easy for a child to endure a hospital stay. It can be an overwhelming and fearful experience. We may not be able to attack the child's physical discomfort, but we can ease his/her anxiety.

What it does

  • Facilitates communication between care givers and child/family
    • Provides list of general questions to ask care team.
    • Provides list of disease-specific questions to ask care team that changes depending on which conditions a child has.
    • Allows child/family to enter their own questions.
    • Saves questions to a list so that they are available to be asked when the care team arrives.
    • Points are awarded when questions are asked and answered.
  • Allows the child to express him/her-self regarding the hospitalization
    • Child can add journal entries and take photos along with the entries.
    • Child receives text prompts after receiving medications or undergoing procedures asking how he/she felt about it.
  • Rewards the child for actively participating in his/her own care
    • Points are awarded after taking medications or undergoing procedures.
    • Points are awarded for asking questions to the care team.
    • Points can be redeemed to decorate avatar.
    • Badges can be earned after performing specific tasks and they can be customized with a photo.
  • Increases child/family's familiarity of hospital staff and operations
    • Provides schedule of tasks such as for medications and procedures.
    • Utilizes MedLinePlus web service API to display description of medications and procedures when info icon is tapped. Medications are matched to the API through RXCUI codes and procedures are matched through LOINC codes.
    • Child’s care team is displayed with their names, portraits, and roles.
    • Brief bio section is given for each care giver so that child/family can get to know the care team members better.
    • Points are awarded when child finds a care taker and takes a picture with him/her.

To access the app, we sent a TestFlight invite to “” to download our “NYP Amazing Journey” app. You can also access an Invision prototype here:

For more information, please check out the files in the zip attachment:

  • Balsamiq storyboards for mocking up the app: NYP Amazing Journey.bmpr
  • PDF version of the Balsamiq storyboards in case you don’t have Balsamiq installed: NYP Amazing Journey.pdf
  • Help guide for the app: NYP Amazing Journey - Guide.docx

How we built it

We had a brainstorming session with pediatric subject matter experts including several pediatricians to learn the family's pain points during a hospital stay and received advice on how to improve it.

The app uses the following FHIR resources:

  • Patient
  • Practitioner
  • DiagnosticOrder
  • Condition

For app development, we used Xcode and Swift.

To do graphic design, we used Photoshop and Illustration.

Challenges we ran into

FHIR is still very new and not ready for prime time yet and we had to deal with many of its limitations in its current state. Another big FHIR issue is that the public FHIR servers are all populated with test data and most of that data is not clinically cohesive.

We want to make this app child-friendly, so it is graphics heavy and it was quite a challenge making sure all the graphics elements look right on the different phone models and screen sizes.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of how cohesive our team came together. We have a smattering of team members from different organizations and disciplines and despite that, our communication was very effective and everyone was on the same page and with the same goals.

We are of course very proud of the wonderful app that we produced. Everyone from the graphic designers, FHIR experts, to the pediatricians came together for one common cause: to produce something that can truly ease a child's anxiety during his/her hospital stay!

What we learned

We learned a lot about FHIR and what benefits it offers. In addition, we had never built an app that targets children as the end users, so it was a novel experience for us to develop for this population.

What's next for NYP Amazing Journey

This is just the beginning for NYP Amazing Journey! There were many ideas that were left out of the app due to the limited time frame, but their time will come soon enough!

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