What's going on this weekend? Now you know. NYCWKND is the place to share NY at it finest including great activities, public events and sponsored events with other New Yorkers and tourists. NYCWKND is unique because the entire community can participate!  While  the NY city wide event calender is useful for looking at activities, individual NYers and tourists can't post events.  In addition to this the comunity votes to determine which activities and events seem most appealing.  Voting the activities up or down makes them more or less visible.Events can be shared with friends on social networks, or texted/emailed directly to your phone.And as this is bigapps 2.0, NYCWKND takes the true meaning of the word web 2.0. The site is a platform to share and create content, and it is tailored by user preference such as dynamic tag clouds and neighborhoods.  Free and cheap events are from every spectrum of community life including: street fairs, parades, dances, grand openings, cultural events, parties, lectures. Here is a way for New Yorkers to get closer, and share in the great New York community spirit.

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