# git commands: 1. create you own branch git checkout -b tusharBranch 2. switch to your branch from master to tusharBranch git checkout tusharBranch - or: use force to checkout git checkout -f tusharBranch 3. git pull , eg: if you are behind git pull 4. If you want to pull a branch and you edited your branch - stash the your branch git stash - then pull pull master 5. if you want to rebase your branch with master git rebase master 6. do not merge with master without conversation eg: if you want to merge your local branch with tusharBranch git merge tusharBranch #Stop giving username and password for every commit: git config --global user.name "example@gmail.com" git config --global user.password "password" # Create virtul environemnt to run python code - install virtual environment: python -m pip install --user virtualenv - create an instance of virtual environment: linux: virtualenv venv window: python -m venv venv - activate your virtual environment: linux: . venv/bin/activate window: .\venv\Scripts\activate # Install "requirements.txt" pip install -r requirements.txt

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