I was inspired by the hardships that I have seen people face in the Latimer Gardens Housing Projects. I spoke with people in NYCHA about what kind of technological innovation they felt would lead to significant changes in their quality of life and they believed that a survey would be a proper forum for them to express their opinions and struggles with their development.

What it does

My application takes in two surveys (a Annual Survey and a Monthly Maintenance Survey) and displays the data for building supervisors.

How I built it

I used HTML, CSS, Google Sheets and Google Forms.

Challenges I ran into

My devpost deleted this information which I had already typed up and I am now rewriting this at 5:07PM>

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I had the privilege to create a website to help NYCHA residents by collecting data on their sentiments about their particular development and a place where the Building Supervisor can access the data (Supervisor's Corner).

What I learned

I learned that coding is a rigorous and enjoyable experience!

What's next for NYCHA Survey Server

I want to be able to speak with software engineers about how I can improve this project and interview NYCHA residents about what they want to see on this website.

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