What inspired me is the urge to learn something new. This is my first hackathon so I want to take the effort to learn more about how a hackathon works and the skills needed to win it.

What it does

The dashboard will show visualisations produced from NYC_Property_Sales_Data(2014 - 2018). Every dataset has 2 pages of visualization. One to show time series plot and another to show visualization of other variables in the dataset. At last there is one last page to show time series visualization from 2014 to 2018.

How I built it

I built it using Rstudio and "flexdashboard" library which provides a better framework to produce a clean and easy dashboard.

Challenges I ran into

The main challenge was to clean the datasets as they were so messed up. It took up most of the data preparation time. Especially, formatting the date into one format because the date ("26/6/18", "6/26/18", "26/6/2018", "6/26/2018") was in so many format and I had to find a simple was to format them. It involved some simple manual calculations as well in the end because of the heavily distorted date.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

An accomplishment that I were proud of that I was able to finish the dashboard as how I imagined it earlier. The dashboard had all the earlier drafted items in it. I am proud also for producing a complete dashboard because this is the first time I'm using flexdashboard. I also like to thank some of the youtube channels which gave a simple guide on how flexdashboard works.

What I learned

I learned many data cleaning, correction, standardization , renaming, combining, filtering, grouping techniques. I did learn about "highchart" library in Rstudio. Before this , I always used to applying ggplot2 or normal graphs but in this project I gave a try to highchart and it worked so well. The graphs and charts produced by highcharts are better than others as it has some interesting interactive elements in it.

What's next for NYC_Property_Sales_Data_Visualisation

The data analysis and prediction will be the next part for the NYC_Property_Sales_Data_Visualisation project. I'm still collecting some ideas and reading more about them before jumping into them. Hope the readings will help for next part of this project.

Built With

  • rstudio
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