20% of U.S. youth have a special health care need and they would not involve parents or family physicians for some concerns like substance use, sexual health and emotional problems. The barriers to help-seeking includes concerns about confidentiality, little knowledge of service, discomfort with disclosing health concerns, poor accessibility and financial barriers. These problems bothers foster children even more.

We want to provide youth with information and access to free or low cost healthcare resources for their specific need like mental illness, medical needs including sex and reproductive health.

What it does

It's a chat bar that identifies healthcare needs through conversation and guides them to available resources in New York City.

How I built it

We utilize IBM Waston Assistant to implement chat services and identification for need, and find available resources information from NYC Open data.

Challenges I ran into

Figure out how people would ask for help, how to arrange it in a intuitive way and how to identify it accurately. How to format react and how to design the chat bar with more human touch.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

create a chat bar that understands people's need. create a react application.

What I learned

We learned how to use IBM Waston and React.

What's next for NYC Resources Assistant

Expand it to different area like financial resources and legal resources. Integrate resources from high school, college, community and government

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