We got inspired from some applications that just displays some random data in map. So we want to inform the users that these kind of events can happen when you are out somewhere with or without your knowledge.

The application visually represents events happened around for a specified radius of 1 kilometer, when a city bike drives through a geographical path. The following listed data will be displayed when the bike is moved along the path.

  1. Accidents Happened at that time.
  2. 311 Emergency Calls made at that time.
  3. Static Free Wi-Fi Hotspots available within the specified radius

The Real-time data for July 2013 and Aug 2013 is plotted using our application. All the data has been captured from NYC Open Data sets (https://nycopendata.socrata.com/). We have processed around 600 MB of data using IBM Bluemix PaaS, which provide a good support to process huge amount of data using the applications such as DashDB and Liberty of Java Instances.

How It Works

A random biker will be selected and the biker data, along with the Accidents, 311 Calls, Static Wi-Fi Spots data is passed to the front end using the JAVA api. Mapbox is used to plot the biker with a radius, starting point and end point of the biker path in the front end map.

When the biker starts moving along the path, the available data for Accidents, 311 Calls, Static Wifi Spots will be plotted in the Map with different colors on the corresponding co-ordinates in the map. If the biker has reached his endpoint, another api call is made to fetch a different start point and end point for the same biker. If there is no data for this biker, then the api will fetch the data for another random biker and the process is continued.

DashDB is used as the database, which is a service from IBM Bluemix. The Big data is imported to the Dash DB.

JAVA is used as the backend. The APIs to communicate with the front end and the database is developed in JAVA. There are 2 APIs developed to fetch the data from Dash DB.

HTML and Javascript is used to develop the front end of the application. MapBox is used to plot the points in the Map.



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