Our NYC BigApps 2.0 submission is a mobile application framework and a demonstration application.  This framework allows anyone to develop a mobile application once and publish it across a variety of common mobile device platforms including iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile 6.  This submission further demonstrates how to utilize the NYC DataMine data provided online by the City of New York.  This open source mobile application framework based on Rhomobile solves the problem of a developer needing to learn multiple, platform-specific programming languages and operating systems.  The NYC Data Mobile Application Framework simplifies and accelerates cross-platform application development by providing one application development platform, language and leveraging cloud services for data storage and retrieval.  This approach allows developers to focus on creative applications that leverage the more than 350 datasets that have been published on NYC DataMine by various New York City Agencies and Commissions.   This proof of concept application demonstrates the framework in action by delivering NYC data to mobile applications compatible with Android or iPhone.  The application was developed once with one base of source code.  All components of the framework were developed using open source software allowing anyone to build their own application using the framework and exposing the data and services in a Cloud Platform (Google App Engine).  Included below in the framework is a working example application compiled for iPhone and Android devices, functional web service hosted on Google App Engine.  All source code can be downloaded and utilized by anyone using the links and resources below under the terms of the Apache License, version 2.0.   NYC Data Mobile Application Proof of Concept A sample mobile application compatible on iPhone and Android devices that obtains user location data, calls a web service, and displays results on a map.   Download Mobile Application PoC for iPhone or Android device. You can also go to http://nycapps-poc.dyndns-server.com/clients/nycapps with your iPhone or Android browser.   The mobile application is developed on Rhodes, which is free and open source under the MIT License for Rhomobile License. If you would like to download the source code, paste the following URL in your browser and click the ‘Downloads’ button: https://github.com/nycapps-poc/myneighborhood

  NYC Data Web Service Proof of Concept

A web service deployed on Google App Engine that stores data uploaded from NYC Department of Consumer Affairs parking facilities data available on NYC DataMine. The service is called by the NYC Data Mobile Application Proof of Concept to return results data in JSON format when provided location (latitude, longitude) data. If you would like to download the source code, paste the following URL in your browser: http://code.google.com/p/nyc-apps-gae-ws/

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