This app displays location information for nine different datasets from New York City. The data is provided by New York City Government via its NYC Open Data project. The URL for the project is

To use the app, you simply tap a data source of interest, for example, Museum Locations; a map of all Museum locations should shortly appear, where a tap on a small red square pushpin will display information about the particular Museum.

Since some of these datasets, such as the WiFi or Subway Entrances ones, are quite large in respect to placing pushpins on the map, the response in manipulating the map would have been very sluggish if each such dataset had not been broken down into four smaller datasets, indicated by Lower 1, Lower 2, Upper 1 and Upper 2. The datasets move from South to North with the Lower 1 being the southernmost.

You may center the map on your current location and then see which museums, theaters, etc. are near there.

The nine datasets of locations are: WiFi, Museums, Theaters, Monuments, Landmark, Subway Entrances, Parking Garages (Manhattan only), Public Water Fountains, Public Restrooms.

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