Growing up in the Bronx, I have witnessed a lot of crime but ut never really affected me , academics-wise. But does that mean the same for other fellow NYC students?

What it does

Gather data from eight random NYC schools via the NYC 2019 School Survey and the crime rate ( per 1000 people) in the are the school is in

How I built it

Gather the data I have collected and put in a dataset & analyzed it to come to a conclusion.

Challenges I ran into

Working by myself as a beginner coder and the time schedule I was working with (3 hrs)

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

are the facts that I have completed a project all by myself (even though it’s not the best) and that I pulled through all of my challenges (team bailing on me hours before the submission deadline & the fact that I’m a beginner to coding)

What I learned

that anything is possible under the right amount of pressure

What's next for NYC Crime Rate & Schools

Expanding with more schools in NYC to analyze more data to come to a more precise conclusion (opposed to the eight random schools in my project)

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