NYC automate

This is first of its kind application that lets you program it online via visual graphs that run on google app engine and locally on android device. Applications can be build online on google app engine and then loaded on the phone and executed on the phone.

We have also integrated it with nyc data so that that data can be used to create amazing workflows.

The app provides three four modes - 1) dashboard mode in which it shows what all graph are available to be executed. requires internet connection to download graphs locally. 2) Computer vision-Augmented reality mode in which it provides opencv interface and can use graph to program vision. 3) Map mode which uses openstreet map and works in offline if map is available offline locally on phone in downloads dir or online mode incase there is no local map 4) List mode in which we can list different data set and use them from nyc big apps data set. To Download app: To Download offline map: To create graphs to be downloaded and run automatically: [safari, ie9+, firefox, android 3.0 +]

Download the app from the Android store:

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