Our frustrastion with the lack of tangible action from online petition sites such as inspired us to create a platform that inspires users to enact change in the real world.

What it does

Informs users of relevant activities and petitions to take part in through user's own selected interests and location. When events are near the user's location, they will receive a notification if the event aligns with their interest.

How we built it

We integrated the Facebook Graph API to cull event data based on search queries, and linked the events with a MongoDB database. The database also stores users and their interests and location, and recommended events for them. The front end features responsive javascript scrolling panels and a minimalist approach.

Challenges we ran into

Facebook's Graph API was inconsistent with the json data returned, so when we tried to get event descriptions and cover photos, we were unable to retrieve them.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Building a simple working version in under 24 hours. Learning a significant amount of programming and team work in a short time.

What we learned

Working under pressure is a great stimulus, but team organization is hard to divide quickly because of the pressure. We should analyze the potential challenges in using a technology thoroughly next time.

What's next for NYC Act

We hope to find a substitute or build our own version of events instead of using Facebook's inconsistent API. We would like to implement real-time geotagging and the ability for users to share, like, and comment on issues they care about.

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