NY Travelmate is a free and ad-free Windows Phone 8.x application available to both MTA commuters and visitors. NY Travelmate is a licensed MTA application. NY Travelmate’s mission is to provide relevant, up-to-date MTA data, both static and real-time, packaged in an intuitive & easy-to-use user interface. NY Travelmate achieves this by allowing customization and presentation of pertinent MTA data based on time and location of the device. It also uses speech recognition to provide fast access to relevant pages within the application. The submitted version recognizes English voice commands but soon it would support other voice commands in Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese. The application uses Metro-North data feeds as well as overall MTA service status data feed to provide its data. The application covers all MTA agencies including Metro-North, LIRR, Subway, Bus, Staten Island Railway and Bridges and Tunnels.

NY Travelmate version 1.2 is currently available in Windows Phone store as a free and ad-free application and will always remain so. The version submitted here is the new 1.3 version still unpublished. Version 1.3 will be published after translation of the supported languages is completed.

NY Travelmate has extensive help on its functionality including the recognized voice commands, multilingual information and supported real-time data.

NT Travelmate will fulfill its objective if its users spend less time looking for MTA data and more time enjoying their MTA ride.

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