We saw that mojio had a large dataset that could be used to solve numerous traffic problems. Traffic as well as environmental concerns are very prevalent here in metro vancouver. Using Mojios data to tackle these became our top priority.

What it does

Mojio users have data about their daily commutes uploaded online. Our app can look at this location data and pair people who live near each other anonymously. If they both accept, they can be "matched" and choose to carpool if they wish.

How we built it

Using rails, API requests, data sets, simulations, python.

Challenges we ran into

We had to port the Mojio API to ruby and have jobs running to scrape the data, analyse it, perform calculations such as distance based on latitude and longitude (using calculus and trigonometry).

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Learning how to write complex API requests and analyse the data mathematically.

What we learned

Our team had four developers who had no experience with rails, and they were able to learn rails and contribute thoroughly in the app's development.

What's next for NWRaptor

Huge Data

Built With

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