Inspiration: Many people that we know want to get more involved in the community but don't have the time for regular commitments. Furthermore, many volunteer projects require an extensive application, and applications for different organizations vary so it can be a time-consuming and discouraging process. We wanted to find a way to remove these boundaries by streamlining the volunteering process so that people can get involved, doing one-time projects without needing to apply every time.

What it does

It is a website aimed at streamlining volunteering hiring and application processes. There are 2 main users: volunteer organizations, and volunteers. Volunteers will sign-up, registering preset documents, waivers, etc. These will then qualify them to volunteer at any of the projects posted by organizations. Organizations can post event dates, locations, etc. Then volunteers can sign-up with the touch of a button.

How I built it

We used node.js, express, and MySQL for the backend. We used bootstrap for the front end UI design and google APIs for some of the functionality. Our team divided the work based on our strengths and interests.

Challenges I ran into

We ran into problems with integrating MongoDB and the Mongo Daemon so we had to switch to MySQL to run our database. MySQL querying and set-up had a learning curve that was very discouraging, but we were able to gain the necessary skills and knowledge to use it. We tried to set up a RESTful API, but ultimately, we decided there was not enough time/resources to efficiently execute it, as there were other tasks that were more realistic.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud to all have completed our first 24hr hackathon. Throughout this process, we learned to brainstorm as a team, create a workflow, communicate our progress/ideas, and all acquired new skills. We are proud that we have something that is cohesive functioning components and to have completed our first non-academic collaborative project. We all ventured outside of our comfort zones, using a language that we weren't familiar with.

What I learned

This experience has taught us a lot about working in a team and communicating with other people. There is so much we can learn from our peers. Skillwise, many of our members gained experience in node.js, MySQL, endpoints, embedded javascript, etc. It taught us a lot about patience and persevering because oftentimes, problems could seem unsolvable but yet we still were able to solve them with time and effort.

What's next for NWHacks2020

We are all very proud of what we have accomplished and would like to continue this project, even though the hackathon is over. The skills we have all gained are sure to be useful and our team has made this a very memorable experience.

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