Consider this, you are some sort of musician, producer, or vocalist who wants to collaborate your work with other artists online, but the problem is that there is no service out there that gives us the accessibility of sharing our music files, audio files, garage band files online with other people from other parts of the world. We decided to create a web-based platform for musicians and producers of diverse music genres, cultures, and expertise to collaborate with each other from across the globe. This allows users to upload their audio tracks or music studio (garage band, FL studio) files, and have other users listen, download and collaborate with the original file to piece together a cohesive piece of music! We created both a rough wireframe for the UI using Adobe XD, and also worked on a rough HTML implementation of the website. The problem we encountered is the time constraint, since we were all new and came from different expertise, but we tried our best to communicate and work through our design of the product.

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