As a group, we wanted to find a way that would help working professionals and students increase their productivity. We found that if individuals watched happy clips or read funny jokes, productivity increased by as high as 20%. With this in mind, we wanted to create a project that would help put a smile on people's faces on a daily basis.

What it does

Using a platform that is commonly used by both working professionals and students, Google Chrome, we created a chrome extension that would identify a user's emotion everytime a new tab is opened. Afterwards, based on their mood, a category of funny or cute jokes/gifs would be displayed, with the intent on giving the user a happiness-shock, which would help with their productivity as they start working.

After the mood is identified, it would be stored in a database with a time stamp. From the database, users can ask Alexa what their mood trend is given the time period (Ex: Alexa, get my mood for today), which would return the summary of moods for the time given.

Users also have the ability to see their mood statistics in graph/chart forms through a dashboard that is accessible on the main homepage of the chrome extension.

How we built it

  • Microsoft Emotion API
  • stdlib
  • Alexa
  • Python, SQL, HTML, Javascript, and CSS
  • Dad Jokes API, Giphy Search API, Imgur API

Challenges we ran into

  • We spent all night trying to figure out how to convert the webcam image into the correct file type that is accepted by Microsoft Emotions API, as it only accepts URL link/binary image data.
  • We were having trouble merge different APIs since we were working on separate functionalities

Accomplishments that we are proud of

  • Resolved our challenges in a timely manner
  • Successfully utilized and combined multiple APIs

What we learned

  • Communication within the team is important to avoid duplicated work being done on the same functionality
  • Learned to use standard library and APIs
  • Learned to create a chrome extension
  • Learned how to create our own standard library using stdlib

What is next for Glow Up

  • Using the emotion database, partner up with professionals in the health industry to diagnose health problems such as

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