Web application built on NodeJS that uses the Mojio api to get user data. Finds other people that have similar trips as you so you can carpool with them and share the gas money!

Uses CockroachDB for storing user data.

Built at nwhacks2017

Sustainable Future

Reaching a sustainable future requires intermediate steps to achieve. Electric car adoption is currently under 1% in both the US and Canada. Most cities do not have an amazing transportation system like Vancouver; they rely on cars. Carpooling can reduce environmental impact of driving, and benefit users by saving money, meeting new people, and making commutes more enjoyable.


Transport Canada states the biggest barriers for carpooling are personal safety, flexibility, and effort to organize. Sharemuters targets all three of these inconveniences. Users are vetted through Mojio accounts, and the web app pairs drivers with similar commutes.


Carpooling is a large market; currently just under 10% of drivers in the US and Canada carpool, and 75% of those drivers carpool with family. In addition to reducing pollution, carpooling saves money on gas and parking, time spent commuting, and offers health benefits from reduced stress. Many companies also offer perks to employees that carpool.

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