This is a Hackathon project done for nwHacks 2018.

Our demo project integrates various peripherals and languages/frameworks to connect the world of bits with the world of atoms. The work consists of two applications:

  1. Application to control an IoT device (Raspberry Pi) by communicating through AWS IoT, API Gateway, and Lambda
    • written in Python 3
    • collects motion sensor data and publishes to AWS IoT
    • captures camera image by sending base 64 encoded camera images through an IoT publish
    • turns on an LED by subscribing to IoT publishes from VR
    • makes noise on a buzzer
  2. Application to use a VR and LeapMotion to control the IoT device located in a remote network.
    • back-end in Node.js
    • front-end in AngularJS
    • Relies on a local LeapMotion service (the same machine running the client-side app)
    • renders IoT device status inside the VR space
    • controls the LED and buzzer within the VR space through LeapMotion interaction
    • AWS API Gateway and Lambda are used as a proxy for IoT publishes for controlling LED and buzzer

Using the user-facing application, we can use our hands to touch a button in the virtual space to turn on an LED and a buzzer in a remote network. We also receive a textual alert message within the virtual space when a motion is detected on the IoT device. We can also see a (rather slow) video stream coming from the IoT device.


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