15-20% of the world population suffer from varying levels of dyslexia. Dyslexia is a learning disorder that makes it difficult for a person to read and write despite average or high levels of IQ. Apart from a lot of other consequences, dyslexics face difficulty in using social media. According to research*, dyslexic people face anxiety while writing anything on social media because of potential spelling and grammatical mistakes due to their disorder. They are afraid that their mistake make them sound less-intelligent and can also cause cyber-bullying.

What if we make Twitter a safe-haven for dyslexics by making it easier for them to engage with the platform? According to our calculation, that can improve the engagement on Twitter by 2% at the minimum.

What it does

Our solution is to buils browser extension that allows a user to read and write tweets using speech recognition, a dyslexia-friendly font and grammar support.

How we built it

  1. Reading tweets: The dyslexia friendly font that we used is an award-winning font named "Dyslexie" that is proven to help dyslexics in reading.* Moreover, we have incorporated another icon beneath every tweet that will read a specific tweet to the user.

  2. Writing tweets: We have made writing tweets easier by incorporating a feature that would allow the user to speak the tweet which will then automatically be converted into text, hashtags and tags.


What's next for Tweet_dyslexia

  1. Convert our prototype into a fully-functional browser extension.
  2. Make the features accessible for both Web and Mobile.
  3. Introduce features that will not only help dyslexic but also the people who have other disorders.
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