This is an augmented reality game that is designed to improve your knowledge of local history as well as improve your physical health. You are an alien who's crashed on Earth. In order to repair your ship, you must collect time energy from around the local area. Landmarks that are older contain more time energy.

Using your beacon, you can get a small description of any local landmark. Then, you'll be able to set up a mine to collect time energy. Return to the area in a few hours to harvest the contents of the mine. Remember, you only have three mines that you can set at a time.

Currently this game is optimized for the Philadelphia area, as it was created during the Philly Codefest. Please let us know of any bugs or suggestions at

You can learn more about this game at

--CREDITS-- This project was developed utilizing APIs from Microsoft Azure for storing US landmarks, and a combination of DuckDuckGo and Wikipedia to get descriptions of each landmark. This game was made in Unity and was designed to work on Android and Windows 8 phones. A Unity Plugin enables us to present Open Street Maps in the game.

--OPEN SOURCE-- This project is available on GitHub:

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