trying to find more efficient ways to listen to music

What it does

It is a sports bra that uses conductive thread and fabric to allow the wearer to listen to music without the hassle of headphones, earpieces, iPods, or phones. This garment allows an easy access handsfree way to play music while the wearer is active

How we built it

We used a Bare Conductive Touchboard in combination with conductive thread and cloth in order to create the controls.

Challenges we ran into

Documentation on reading data off the sd card file system was either unavailable or unclear. During final installation many problems arose as the scale grew smaller and more short circuits arose.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Everything worked in the end!!

What we learned

Many many things about hardware and fashion design.

What's next for NuWave

incorporating bone conducting so wearers can wear the garment and listen to music that provides them surround sound music experience, all the while silent to their surrounding environment. We hope to create a lighter weight, more function application for the garments, by having a detachable device that connects to the conductive thread and detaches so the garment can be washed or transferred to another nuwave garment.

Built With

  • arduino
  • bare-conductive-touchpad
  • conductive-thread
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